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Interview meme, pt 2.

Today's interviews are brought to you by elanya and toast3r. I'm just doing this in order, and have a busy day today. So I'll get to yours, if you're one done yet, I promise!

elanya's questions.

1. What is the most exciting adventure you have ever actually had?
Lots of the infiltration missions I did in the Army were pretty thrilling. Particularly the ones that involved falling off of a mountain or being run over by a tank. There's a thrill to taking all night to sneak up on an "enemy" (other unit's) position, "slit some throats" (make marks with laundry markers on necks) and slip back out with pilfered maps, reports, and accurate coordinates for their lines. It takes huge amounts of patience, constant and close attention to everything, and a lot of stamina. But once it's done, one realizes that one is indeed, the baddest mother fucker in the valley of the shadow of death, and one need fear no evil.

2. What is your farvourite kind of pie?
Sweet Potato Pie with marshmallows melted on top.

3. If you could make a phone call back in time to Nelson, what would you talk about?
Good lord, I can't imagine i'd be anyting other than a squealing fanboy. Certainly I'd want him to know how immortal his reputation was, and how admired and revered a hero he became.

4. What is one thing that, if you could accopmlish it before you kicked off, would let you die happy?
Hmm. Well, I suppose anything that would leave the world a better place for my having been there - and that would be remembered. More the former than the latter, though both would be ideal. Alternatively, anything that results in a day off of school for kids, in rememberance of me.

5. What is the kinkiest sexual activity that you are willing to admit to participating in?
I'm willing to admit to any kinky sexual activity - so I suppose... all of them. Probably the most daring would be sex in a hotel stairwell at a science-fiction convention. I've got a long list though.

...and on to toast3r's questions.

1. You were a Buddhist monk for two years. What was the most complex task you undertook during that time?
Self-discovery. Facing one's own weight of unskillful actions, habits, desires. Looking inward.

2. What animal feature would you like to develop on your human body?
Prehensile tail!

3. Where you do see yourself three years from now?
At the premiere of a movie I wrote - with enough writing work that I no longer have to work a day job. I'm still working on short and long-form fiction, and I'm establishing my reputation as a screenwriter. I'm still here in LA, and have made good friends of the acquaintances and friends that I've made since moving here. I am debt free, and have either recently, or am considering, buying a house. I'm also back into practice with Aikido, and maybe doing the occasional triathlon again.

4. What do consider to be "typical" of your writing style?
Snappy dialogue, good place setting and tight action - with a somewhat meandering plot and shaky exposition.

5. What's your favorite T-shirt?
For my birthday, my best friend had a custom made t-shirt sent to me with a picture of a giant squid, dragging a pirate down into inky, briny depths. I love it because it was something that represents his thoughtfulness, and also, it's damned funny. it's also the source of a rather cryptic post here in livejournal... which I just went looking for, and couldn't find. Anyway, it's awesome.


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