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Interview questions

Round two, brought to you by nanne and bakaninja

1. You have cats, but my gut feeling has always been that you're more of a dog person. So, why do you have cats?
You are correct, in general I prefer dogs to cats - my cat being excepted, of course. It's pretty simple though - I'm not home enough to really care for a dog, so I would feel guilty keeping one. Cats are far more self-sufficient, and I used to live in this big ol' house that needed a mouser. She was useless as a mouser, but fine as decoration.

2. If you had to chose between losing sight, hearing, or smell/taste, which would it be and why?
Tough one! I suppose smell/taste because of the practical aspect - being blind or deaf and not being accustomed to it would probably be dangerous. It's not an easy choice though, because I love food and good-smelling things a whole lot.

3.You're giving Woody Allen a run for his money in your relations withthe opposite sex. How would you turn your experiences into a goodcomedy?
I wouldn't have to change a thing -- except to give the story a happy ending.

4. If you had to leave the U.S. where would you move to and why?
New Zealand, because it's Middle Earth and there are hobbits and elves there.

5.Looking at yourself before and after moving to the west coast, what isthe most surprising change for you? If you find yourself unchanged, why is that?
I would say I'm largely the same though a bit more self-sufficient. The biggest change is that I've gained weight - I came out here weighing 200 lbs which was still overweight for my height (six feet) - I got as high as 222, but am now 214. I realy would have thought that, given that the weather is always at least tolerable if not nice, I'd be spending a lot more time out of doors. Sadly, it's not true - it's such a hassle to GET anywhere in LA that I end up not getting as much exercise as I ought. That and a resurgence of childhood asthma due to poor airquality - and just laziness and inertia on my part - and I'm in far worse shape than I was back in triathlon days. Which was not that long ago.

What is the coolest, bestest celebrity you ever met (you seem to meeta bunch)? How did you meet them? Why were they the awesomest? Well, Bruce Campbell called me a knucklehead. That was pretty awesome. I'm privileged to call grrma friend, and that's also basically awesome. In BC's case, i waited for my turn in line to get an autograph and asked him to sign his book "Dear Ebay high bidder..." In GRRM's case, he's just an incredibly accessible guy, so if you go to a convention and you want to hang with him, he's cool like that. I've gotten him lost in several North American cities now...

2) I get the sense you like pirates. So. For your shoulder. Parrot or monkey?
Totally monkey. So I could dress him up like Napoleon, like my icon.

3)Godzilla is destroying Port Royal. How many pirates would you need todefeat him? What exactly would be their battle strategy? I feel "firingour infinite supply of cutlasses" isn't going to fly.
Just one. And a WHOLE lot of rum. Then we'd get Godzy drunk, shang-hai him, and put him to work belowdecks.

4) What is the best story you've ever read? What about the worst?
The best story.. well, if "lord of the rings" is a story, then that's it. As for the worst, definitely "The Eye of Argon" which was so cosmically bad that there used to contests to see who could read it at the longest without cracking up at conventions. I was never very good, and never lasted long.

5) I enjoy ranting. Describe the worst person you've ever met, and some examples of terrible experiences you had with them
This is tough. Really tough. It's a tossup between my father and my ex-girlfriend. Once when I was three I asked my father how helicopters worked. He said, "you're too stupid to understand." He was driving drunk at the time, with me in the back seat. The only thing that was worse that he did other than disappear completely when I was four, was fail to disappear completely beforehand. My ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, was (and is) a pathological liar who once made a huge fuss about wanting to make a trip to Greece she was taking her own independent adventure. She was so vehement about this that she fought about whether I was allowed to drive her to the airport or not (I wasn't). When I called her in Athens to apologize for fighting, some dude answered the phone in her room...

WHy does this meme require so much WORK from me?
that's the point - by participating, you volunteer to do work for people. It's great, it's the anti-meme.


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