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Rules: Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." I will respondby asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personalnature. Or not so creepy/personal. You will update your LJ with theanswers to the questions. You will include this explanation and anoffer to interview someone else in the post. When others comment askingto be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

These questions asked by the tragically recently married vis_major

But you seem to hate the memes! :P~
I'm taking this as a question. No, I don't hate memes if they get people talking to each other. I don't much care for the "take this quiz and post the absurdly large an uninformative graphic" type memes. But even those I occaisionally break my rules for, especially if they involve pirates, monkeys, or Lord of the Rings.

1) If you could time traveland live in a completely different era, but you could never return tothis time, would you do so and why/why not?

I would not. Our standard of living today is infinitely higher than even the highest of classes at any time in the past. I live better than kings dead, in terms of life expectancy, luxuries, and potential to learn, travel, and remain healthy. If I absolutely HAD to, I suppose I'd either pick Napoleonic Europe, or pre-Tokugawa Shogunate-era Japan. The former because of the spiffy uniforms and ... well, adventure on the high seas! The latter because of the cleanliness and ...well, samurai and stuff. Of course, it would have to be pre-Tokugawa, or I'd be killed on sight as an intruder. That wouldn't be so much fun.

2) Describe one invention you'd build if money were no object. You don't even have to live by the laws of physics!

The Karma Knob. It would work like this - you'd wear it around your neck, and when you met someone, you could turn the dial to decide how attracted to them you are. That way you could decide to be wildly attracted to people with the traits that make you happy, who are available, and who you don't work with or have some other conflict-of-interest. And no one would be attracted to assholes anymore. Smart, fabulous, funny people would be very much in demand, while the jerks would be lonely and isolated - thus inspiring them to perhaps be kinder people. Of course, even jerks need lovin', so I predict there would be Asshole Bars where unkind people could go and temporarily dial each other up to a 10 ... until they couldn't stand each other's company any more, of course.

3) Who was your first big crush, and what attracted you to that person?
In fifth grade, I had a terrible crush on a Japanese exchange student named Yukako Sumi. She was really smart and really cute - and other than that I couldn't explain what it was about her that I liked. Probably, looking back, it had something to do with being a nerd already - but she was outside of the social status-quo and so would perhaps like me for who I am, rather than my place in the pecking order. But that was way too introspective for my age at the time. I just thought she was cute. I had no idea what to do about it, either.

4) Would you ever star in a porno, and why/why not?
I would not. I think the sex that I get to have in real life is way hotter than anything you'll see in a porn movie - and I wouldn't want to embarass any future mate or family by association. While I don't buy into the whole negative stigma associated with performance sex -- I don't really want the world to see me at my most intimate moments. Or at least... not unless it's one or two at a time.

5) Describe your ideal mate, including both physical & intellectual characteristics.
She will be very smart and intellectually curious; she'll have a desire to learn more about the world - both book learning, and boots-on-the-ground exploring adventure type learning, too. She'll be super funny, and see the bright side of any situation. She'll have a quirky but appealing sense of style, she'll be beautiful and healthy - she'll have a sincere commitment to leading a compassionate, generous and honest life - but not be so inhibited that she's afraid to let down her hair and be naughty from time to time. She will be tolerant of a dreamer, and prone to flights of imagination herself, but capable of practicality. She will have a good idea of what she wants out of life - and part of that will be that she wants to share it with me - but she will also have an open mind about what the future will hold. She'll want a family of her own, but not at the expense of her or my identities as individuals. She will be self-sufficient and capable, but also not afraid to lean on or support another. She will be ready to have a "serious" relationship, but not think for a second that "serious" precludes profound silliness and absurdity. She will have a healthy sexual appetite, an open mind, and a desire to both please and be pleased. She will be truly trustworthy.

If I haven't said much about physical characteristics, it's because I think there are lots of different kinds of beautiful. All that matters is that there is attraction - the rest comes from intimacy and trust. Sorry if that seems like a cop out ... it's just that I don't really have a "type" per se. The women I've dated are all physically very different from each other, but all equally beautiful. I've been very, very lucky.


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