Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Kill Cupid

The roomies and I had a great party last night. The word went out a little late, so I was concerned that maybe not a lot of people would show. A few of the people who said they'd attend, didn't - but for the most part, lots and lots of people showed up from all my various circles of friends - far more than I really expected. Sometime around midnight or so, one of the roomies and I stopped to talk in the kitchen, and we both just kind of raised our eyebrows and looked around. Heck of a shindig!

Now, when I've had a few drinks, we get to take a spin on the wheel of insobriety. Who will I become this time? Most often I turn into Pepe La Pue. Sometimes I get ornery, sometimes lugubrious. From time to time, my inner trickster comes out. (Shut up, yes, my trickster is inner. I swear.) Last night, I was feelin' the love - but there was no one present who was a suitable errr, shall we say, receptacle. Target? Ambition? Anyway, I decided to help my good friends - who under the rosy glow of a few heffe weizens and a Chimay or two, were suddenly my REALLY good friends, who I really, really love. Seriously man, I love. - to find their own fulfillment, to embrace the rites of Spring to... well, basically to get laid.

Let it be said that I am a terrible, terrible matchmaker. At first I tried to right what seemed to be a cosmic wrong, that nephandi and wing_angel never managed to get it together. I had one of those beery, cheery talks with wing_angel that seems to make perfect sense at the time. And was, as usual when it comes to understanding anything about human emotion and motivation when it comes to lurv sweet lurv - totally wrong. I'm afraid I made a bit of a mess of that situation - hopefully the fact that both of them seemed to be laughing by the end of the night means they forgave my unsober shenanigans. I just wanted to spread the lurv, I swear!

I then set about acquiring the lad that another friend had her eye on for her - and the lad that her friend had HIS eye on. Both disastrous - in one case the lad had a girlfriend and in the other, he preferred girls, despite all evidence to the contrary. Yes, yes, a jolly mess - but not too late to rectify all by making one fortuitous match, right? Alas, it was much ado about nothing - truly "Friendship is constant in all other things / Save in the office and affairs of love: / Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongue / Let every eye negotiate for itself / And trust no agent." At least, I believe it's now clear that one shouldn't trust this humble agent.

So, my friends - my intentions were good. Forgive me my clumsy execution. And I sincerely hope you all get laid find love despite my efforts! At least it was a really great party.

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