Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Car Singing Apotheosis

Recovering from the flu, my voice is still kind of funky.

At first I had a husky Barry White baritone. Then it just became froggy and uncomfortable - when I would speak, I could see people inching away not wanting to hear my voice. I'm 95% recovered though, so now I just have this sort of Joe Cocker buzz thing happening.

Waking up this morning was no joy - this is what happens when you inadvertently combine 2/3 of a bottle of two buck chuck and a slug of cough-syrup with codeine. I slept heavily, and over-long. I stumbled my way out the door blearily, and on the drive in, decided to wake myself up with a rousing chorus of car-singing.

Somewhere around Santa Monica, my voice cleared just enough to belt out the notes pure and high - but I retained just enough of that huskiness that my normal, sort of thin voice was throaty and smokey. I'm telling you - if I had managed this, my finest singing performance in a long career of singing in showers, cars, and other solitary places - in front of Simon, Randy and Paula, you'd be seeing me on American Idol right now. If I could sing like that every day, I'd fer sure be the front man on a rock band with a strong blues backbeat ... the kind of band that you can tell has been beaten up, but come up for more.. hard knock dudes with a long story and a song to sing!

As it was, I reluctantly had to stop my car-singing apotheosis when I pulled into the garage at work. I wish my voice would stay exactly like this forever - I'd even live with the sore throat.

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