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The Future is now

Human-computer interface

Check this out.

Seriously, if you are a user of computers (and if you're reading this, you are...) you need to see this.

It's an interface tool patented by Apple - a flat LCD screen with multiple touch-points. Sound underwhelming?

Watch the video, and realize that this is how humans will interact with computers in the very near future - obsoleting the mouse and keyboard.

The video (because it's Apple) emphasizes how you can use this interface for things like performance art and creative tools - but that's small-minded and small potatoes. Sorry Mac fans, but that's a typical Apple mistake - come up with a revolutionary technology, and then never get past how cool it will be for artists. I love the artists too - but tech is tech, and everyone uses it, not just graphic designers and DJ's. The part that made my jaw drop was when the guy in the demo has a vast array of data (in this case, photos) that he can easily organize and rank in priority (by re-sizing them) with a flick of the fingers. Suddenly the user and his data are intuitively connected, not logically connected.

This wil change the world. This will mean that anyone - no matter how skilled or unskilled, can walk up to a computer and just "get" how to interact with any program they need to use. This represents another step towards a perfect interface between man and machine. The utility of a program is often limited by its accessibility - a brilliant application that is next to impossible to use will remain unused. No longer!

When this is combined with the three-dimensional displays that are in actual existence in Japan right now - and all of those are combined with wearable computing - we will live in a world where everyone can walk around in their own holographic bubble of data that they can manipulate and use like a symphony conducter. The world we'll live in when we're in our retirement age will be unrecognizable.

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