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Dream Continuity

Last night I dreamt that I re-enlisted in the Army. Because I've been a fat, dumb and happy civillian for so long, I had to go back through 19D training at Ft.Knox. We were going through the pre-basic procedures, where you get issues your uniforms, get your shots, that kind of thing. Anyway, I was reassuring some of the young recruits that it wasn't all that bad, even while telling hyperbolic stories about how bad it is. Then I recalled (in my dream) the day I got out of basic, and they gave me my car back and I could drive home. I remembered stopping off in North Carolina to visit my Aunt Jean along the way, and even remembered the twisty country road I got lost on before I found their home.

Only, in the real world, I flew to Baltimore basically minutes after the graduation parade, and hung out with The Hobbit for a few days before going home to Philly. But - I have had a dream where I went from Basic in Kentucky to visit family in North Carolina before driving home.

So - my dream memory has good continuity. Things that happen in dreamworld are what I remember in subsequent dreams about similar subjects, even when dreamworld conflicts with wakingworld. Isn't that weird?


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