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Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Which is geekier?

So yagathai and I are talking about his last entry, which is a link to The Girls of Geekdom Pin-Up Calendar. Naturally I turned immediately to the "RPG Geek" picture. And immediately recognized the RPG book* that the model's photograph had been superimposed on. It required no thought at all - I just knew and recognized the book based on the color and trim.

Wishing to flaunt my strong nerdly kung-fu, I asked yagathai (via IM) if he also could identify it - and with relatively little pause, ran down an accurate process-of-elimination in which he also determined that it was probably the same book. We are big dorks. I mean, dorkus giganticus, are we. In the primordial jungles of pan-geeka, it was dorks such as we who caused the lesser nerds to scurry under the ferns and hide from our geekly hunger.

But the question remains - which is geekier? To instantly identify the book, without pause for thought? Or to have such an encyclopaedic knowledge of RPG products that you can eliminate all implausible answers based on a few scanty observation?

I leave it to you, my friends, to vote and discuss.

Poll #593342 Which is geekier?

Which is geekier?

Instant recognition
Detailed Cognitive Analysis

(* - the book is Cyberpunk 2020, by R. Talsorian Games)

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