Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Brush with Celebrity

So all the stuff that you think about Hollywood is probably more true of Burbank - everywhere you go, you bump into one sort of celebrity or another. Hey, even stars need their Starbucks, you know? Particularly since I work in a studio, surrounded by other recording studios, where talent who have to record ADR come to do pickups, principle recording, whatever.

But still, every now and again you see a celebrity someplace weird. Like yesterday, I had to run to Staples to pick up some officey type materials for the studio. On my way out, I see none other than Snoop Doggy Dogg, standing out front, talking to his cell phone. (Well, I presume he was talking to someone else, through his cell phone, and not to the phone itself, but you take my meaning...)He was carrying this incredibly elaborate umbrella, too - the handle was in the shape of a dollar sign, and it was studded with rhinestones. Or heck, maybe they were diamonds, who knows? The tip of the umbrella was a gigantic nugget of gold, like something the luckiest prospector in the world panned up. But the thing is, the rain is done and gone, the mudslides are over, and the skies are clear and blue.

So I say, "Hey Snoop, what's the umbrella for?"
And he looks away from his cell phone, and in that drawl of his says, "For drizzle."

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