Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

I came for the weather

It's rained every day since I got here, and the rain started the day I arrived. There hasn't been this much rain here since 1966.

It's become so torrential, that yesterday the river by Burbank was so flooded that it had carried away whole trees. Traffic was stopped on the Victory Blvd. bridge because so many people were parking alongside and walking back to watch the deluge, cars could barely get by.

Yesterday, driving along the Ventura Freeway to move into my new house, traffic was either at a dead stop, or, people were zooming down mountain canyons at top speed, apparently oblivious to the fact that a wet road is slippery. I couldn't decide if the road conditions were more or less dangerous than the people on the roads.

In the brief time that it took me to pack my car up, all my belongings got soaked. When I unloaded and then went to Ikea to pick up a bed and mattress, the rain had not let up. When I pulled my car around to load everything into it, I had to get the help of a young kid who worked at Ikea. If you pictured a Latino version of the broken-voiced kid on the Simpsons, you'd be pretty close. He weighed maybe 100 pounds.. you know, in his sneakers and soaking wet. Between the two of us we folded the mattress in half and stuffed it in the car - which involved some pretty heroic shoving on his part.

I got back to the new homestead, and unloaded the car (but not before stopping at the original Trader Joe's, which I'm happy to report sells wine and beer, unlike Pennsylvania - and also is decorated all over with pirate memorabilia!) - it was still pouring rain. Finally when I had everything inside, and I was ready to assemble the bed (and is there any frustration quite like the frustration of putting together Ikea furniture with nothing but an undersized Allen wrench?) - it stopped raining.

It started again this morning though, in plenty of time to make the morning commute tedious and dangerous.

I humbly apologize to the people of California for bringing this rain with me. At least, on the upside, the strawberry crop will be magnificent.

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