Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

California sunshine?

I seem to have brought with me some East Coast weather. Specifically, it's been cold and rainy for the past two days. The first night, out in Silver Strand on the beach was really spectacular; the palm trees were leaning over and waving like ballet dancers, bent at the torso. Rain slanted down in sheets, barely touching the road before the wind whipped it up again, like flocks birds barely alighting before once more taking flight. It was a fine and operatic storm, that raged up and down the coast, looking like the sort of tv footage of hurricanes, where slicker-clad meteorologists report on the road conditions and brave locals determined to weather the storm.

Someone needs to tell Californians that in a situation like that, 80mph down a winding canyon road at night is not appropriate driving technique. I'd tell them, but I was too busy clenching my steering wheel in white-knuckled fear. Not fear that I'd lose control of my car, because I'm an old hand at bad-weather driving. No, fear that someone else would skid out like a kid on a sled and take me out.

Monday after Christmas no one was at the studio, though I came in and couldn't get in without a key. So, I explored Burbank and then holed up in a coffee shop, figuring to get some writing done. No sooner had the trusty laptop battery started to fade, necessitating my packing up and making a move elsewhere, when a friend from Philly (the Telemarketer of Love, for those who know to whom I am referring) called me, telling me he was headed for Hollywood Boulevard. On my way to meet up with him, it occurred to that on both occasions in LA, when feeling a little lonely and isolated, a friend appeared. If I lived in the LA of Steve Martin's "LA Story" this would lead me to believe that LA is taking care of me. As I don't live in Stever Martin's "LA Story" LA, I chose not to believe it, though I certainly entertained the notion.

So I spent the day knocking around Hollywood Boulevard, and then went to meet up with a bunch of internet friends to watch Monday Night Football. (Go Eagles! Ok, they lost, but still...) The drive home was a white-knuckled log-flume ride.

Yesterday was much the same, except without the friends. I explored, and then scrambled to make accomodations for my cat, who got dumped with a friend at the last minute due to 11th hour changes in my plan for moving out -- and has now worn out her welcome. My Uncle isn't crazy about the cat being in his house, something for which I am now feverishly seeking the solution. But today I'm in the studio, and there's work to do.

At last!

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