Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

On the road, day one

I've arrived in Cleveland. I drove through rain and sleet and snow to get here. I'm rather glad I got some snow (and the sleet was pure bonus points) before I headed off to the land of eternal sunshine.

I'm spending today with my old friend Darcy and her boyfriend - they are gracious hosts in a beautiful house with copious dark wood trim, windows of the good, old-fashioned glass that is a little warped by age, making the world look like an aquarium to peer into from the safe, dry environs of the house. There's snow all around, but the house is warm and cozy.

Today we'll loaf around - Andy made excellent crepes for breakfast and good coffee from a french press. Despite the utterly TwenCen quaintness, there's a good fast wireless network here, and Darcy gave me TWO WHOLE disks of songs about monkeys. They're going straight to the iPod!

This is where my cat will lounge until I arrive in California. She whethered the trip fairly well - other than making the occasional desultory complaint-meows, she was relatively unruffled. The first thing she did when she was released into terrible, terrible freedom was hide somewhere uncomfortable. But I dragged her out, reassured her, and let her go. She hid again, this time somewhere slightly less hard to find. Wash, rinse, repeat. Now she's just sort of lurking under things. I think she'll be okay.

The next two legs of my trip are 14 hours each. I have no idea if I'll have a chance to get net connection along the way. I had a moment as I passed Akron where I realized - this is the farthest West I've ever driven. One more mile and I'll be outside the Shire. (Err, Northeast, anyway.) I'm not overly fond of long distance driving, so I'm not sure if my excessivly aggressive driving schedule is going to work out. If it does, I'll arrive in LA on the Winter Solstice - which seems dramatically appropriate. Every day after my arrival, there will be more light, and less darkness!

But eh - I may get too tired and roadweary along the way, and punk out. We shall see! As it is, I figure to arrive in Las Vegas for a day of recuperation (at the Treasure Island, natch. Pirate?) before the final four hour leg into LA. I have nine hours of conversational Spanish to listen to on the way. I shall arrive speaking the native lingo, by crackey!

But now, there's loafing to be done. A small piece of "business" - from here on out, public entries will be about my travels and adventures - personal stuff will be locked up for friends only.

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