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The Campaign

It's funny how people were so down in the mouth about the Kerry campaign - with the swiftboat veterans for slander, and the other mis-steps that the campaign is made, for a while there, things did look grim. Even here in the Chester County office, people were looking for some light at the end of the tunnel.

And at that time, I was too busy to write a thought that I had at the time - that the polls that were so apparently damning, failed to include anyone but "likely voters". I've seen the rolls of "likely voters" because contacting them is a key part of our strategy here. We have this really slick database that sifts through voter registration records to determine who is or isn't likely to vote - and who is a "persuadeable voter" - etc etc. But that fails to include the many, many hundreds of people that we've seen registering to vote just because of this election, and for the express purpose of getting President Bush out of office. Here at the Kerry HQ, we can't do too much in that regards - registration is a non-partisan activity after all. The Bushies have flagrantly broken the law by mailing out Bush campaign material with absentee ballot forms attached to the bottom of them -- but that's neither here nor there.

There are voter registration drives by the local Democrats, many of whom have been committee members for decades, who work in conjunction with other (non-partisan) groups. They report that there's never been so much activity for voter registration. Polls show that 80% of all newly registered voters in the last year support the Democratic candidate. Countless people have come in asking for registration forms, precisely so that they can vote against Bush.

None of those people show up on any polls. What's more - any voter who didn't turn out for the last presidential election shows up as a non-likely voter. Last election we had record low turnout for the election - Bush vs. Gore... who cared? Democrats didn't care because Bush was running a campaign that promised he was a moderate, and  Gore was so close to the center there wasn't much difference between the two. This year, people care. People who haven't voted in years are showing up not just to vote - but to volunteer. Of course, I'm aware that this is all anecdotal, and all occurring in the ra-ra echo chamber of the Chester County Kerry HQ. But I'm not an idiot, and I can tell when something is a trend, vs. a regional fluke.

My point is that the polls don't reflect a growing percentage of the voting population - and the missing segment of the population is predominantly strongly anti-Bush. I don't think the polls are thereofore accurate - except inasmuch as people pay attention to media coverage of the "horse race" as if it were actually a substantive issue that might determine their vote. So be of good cheer!

But in the time it took me to find the few minutes to write that - the polls are much more positive (and still, I think, inaccurate) and the Senator Kerry has come out swinging, sharpening his message and strengthening his attack on the obvious weakness of the Bush position on Iraq.

"I've got a real positive feeling about this, Wang. I feel kind of good. Kind of alive. Kind of invincible."

So, those of you who have been fretting about a Bush victory, and wondering if this is a world gone mad -- I say relax. All will be right with the world come Nov. 2nd. Have faith - and make sure your'e registered to vote!

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