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Pathetic! Lance Armstrong fired

This incredibly annoying report brought to you from: Postal

Watchdog Claims Victory For Postal Consumers
Postal Service Set to Pull the Plug on $50 Million Pro-Cycling

In a major victory for consumers, Advertising Age has reported the
Postal Service (USPS) is "poised to abandon its lead sponsorship of
Lance Armstrong and the U.S. Pro Cycling Team" when their contract
expires in December. The Postal Service began the estimated $10
million-a-year marketing initiative in 1996 and Armstrong has since led
the international cycling team to five consecutive Tour de France

According to a February 2003 USPS Inspector General (OIG) report, the
objective of the sponsorship was to "increase revenue and sales of
Postal Service's products on a global basis and to increase sales in key
international markets" with a specific monetary goal of increasing
[annual international] revenue by $20 million. However, despite the
cycling team's outstanding performance and extremely high profile,
revenues from USPS international operations in 2003 were actually $12.8
million less than four-years earlier in 1999.

"Talk about a government boondoggle, the pro-cycling sponsorship
exemplifies just how delusional postal leadership can be. They raised
domestic monopoly rates three times while forcing captive ratepayers to
pay more than $50 million to sponsor a European sporting event and then,
adding insult to injury, they achieved a negative result," said
PostalWatch executive director Rick Merritt.

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