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My Spoon is Too Big

Since the weekly game got cancelled last night,Yagathai and I went out to see "Spike and Mike's Animation Festival" at the Roxy.

I really like the Roxy, even though it's an ancient theatre with crappy sound, uncomfortable seats, and teeny screens, because they show all the goof-ball arthouse pictures that are worth going into the city to see. Sadly, it's also one of the only movie theatres left in the city, and definitely the only one in the Center City area. I remember going to see Rocky Horror there in my mis-spent youth.

Before hand, we went out to dinner, and walked over to Copa II because it's cheap and good. When we walked up stairs, there were a bunch of open tables, but the waitress told us we had to wait because we were only two people. I was outraged. "Let me get this straight, you have open tables but you won't let us sit because someone else *might* show up?" She looked at me contemptuously and said, "Haven't you ever waited tables? What happens if three people walk in and they can't eat because two people are."

"Fine, we'll eat somewhere else." I walked down stairs, and then talked to the bartender and said, "I just thought I'd let you know so you can pass it on, we're walking out without ordering anything to eat somewhere else. The waitress told us we couldn't have a table because we're only two people, even though they have several open tables. So now, rather than having two people spending money, you have zero people spending money."

Now, I *have* waited tables. I know exactly what it's like. And I know for a fact that you don't make people wait unless there's a WAIT, meaning there are more people than there are open tables. And it's not like there was only one open table anywhere, either - there were at least a half dozen, and the restaraunt wasn't even particularly busy. I was steamed about that all night. Anyway - we went across the street to Fado, an incredibly cute Irish bar, and sat at a table right next to a bunch of guys playing fiddles and flutes and concertinas. Live music - and a delicious Chicken-and-ham pie. Mmmm, mm! Much better than Copa II, and I'll never go there again.

So "Spike and Mike's" was pretty cool, though I remember liking it more in days gone by. One short in particular "The Animator's Slow Descent Into Madness" was darned funny - it chronicled a series of short commercial spots that the animator did for various corporate sponsors, and were rejected. At first they were just surreal and strange.. "My spoon is too big! My spoon is too big! My SPOON is too BIG!" "I am a banana!" and then they go extraordinarily disturbing and weird. Finally, the paper started to crinkled and get sucked into a hole in the animator's sketchbook. Hard to describe - but it was darned funny, especially before I realized that "The Family Learning Channel" and "Johnson and Mills Products" didn't really exist.

So anyway - this was way better than another night spent shuttling between watching stoopid tv and playing computer games. Like tonight is likely to be. Sigh.

I went and visited the local YMCA yesterday. It is certainly an adequate workout facility, but on the other hand it's a bit expensive for a Y, and also, there are zillions of kids running around. However, there are classes on spinning, body for life, and stuff like that. So .. I may well join today. I know I should in order to get back in better shape, but on the other hand, it's $48 bucks a month, and that's a lot when you're unemployed. That's as much as Drexel's facility was for an entire year! They do have a pool though.

I also think I'm going to cave in and go get a part-time job down on Main St. Starbucks seems like something I know and would be easy. I know intellectually that if I get a job waiting tables I'll have much lower reportable income, and make a lot more money from tips -- but I can't get over my deep and abiding loathing of waiting tables. Also, it just feels so much more subservient than working at a store or something.... I'm a little torn, in that I could use the money, but really - is my pride worth a few dollars a month? Pride is an inconvenient thing to have, that's for sure. Heck, just getting unemployment feels sort of dirty.

Not so much that I'd end up homeless rather than accept it, though.

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