March 27th, 2014

monkey pirate


It's ours. Got the keys and everything. Now the work begins!
We haven't been able to get even a decent estimate from an exterminator. This is the first step, because we really want to get that done before we move anything substantial in. Even joining Angie's List didn't help, the two exterminators who were willing to make estimates gave a sky high quote and didn't show, respectively.

Closing and all the repairs we have to do is vastly more expensive than we planned for, so some of the improvements we wanted to make will just have to wait. All that's disappointing, but in the end, we still have more space, and our very own house, which is an improvement.

The UCLA Extension writing class through Fox is different from what I expected, but still good exercise and useful. A couple of other writing projects have cropped up, too - I am going to have to be disciplined about getting some writing done each morning when I (inevitably) wake up before our tiny night owl. Other work items are in flux right now, but with a family and a mortgage, I am going to keep my head down and make the best of it. It's still over all good, I guess my pride is just a little wounded. I can't afford to be stiff-necked. I'll work it out.

Eowyn is delightful. Ok, she's highly resistant to sleep - but even when she's tired, she's incredibly cheerful. She's always  smiling, giggling, and also throwing her hands up in the air and waggling her head back and forth while laughing just to show how amused she is. It would take a heartless fool to witness that, and not have their cares lessened and joys increased.

Once we get the bugs at the house dealt with, there's a mountain more to be done. Compromise everywhere, mostly for budgetary reasons rather than taste or choice. But on the other hand, we've been gifted with the dining room table and chairs that my father-in-law made himself, which are beautiful, and a wonderful heirloom. The support of this creative, skilled and hard working family has been invaluable, and I only wish I could think of a way to repay them.

I have almost no time for doing things with friends, which I regret. But I do intent to get more active with the local Masonic lodge, and somehow carve out some time for them - they're actually a friendly, multi-generational group of really nice guys who always include their family in the lodge's activities.