March 20th, 2014

monkey pirate

Domum dolce domum

We bought a house. It's official. We close on Tuesday. This week has been a blur of paperwork, planning the renovation, and so forth. In addition, the guy who is replacing my old boss as director starting. I applied for the job and was told they wanted someone very senior, and my experience wasn't enough to even be considered. When the last director started, he really was excellent, and I enjoyed working with and for him - but when we got "re-orged" to another group, it didn't work out, and he left. His replacement is a kid with three years of working experience. Like, in his life.

I stewed about that for a while, but when I talked to the big boss, he swore it was unintentional, and that during the reorg he never knew I'd applied for the job, or he'd have considered me. It still stuck in my craw a little bit - but the new guy is a very nice fellow, and I hit on today the best possible way to handle the situation. He has no managerial experience, and I do - he's never been director of an IT team, and I have - so I'm going to teach him what I know. If I can help him learn to be a great director, I think it will not only benefit the company, but also reflect well on me for future consideration. Win-win-win for everyone, plus you know...ethically better than just stewing about it. I'll make the situation better by being helpful and kind!

Eowyn really doesn't want to sleep at night, and it's been a bit of a trial. I'm afraid she takes after me - late to bed and late to rise. P can only get her to sleep basically in her lap, and she's frustrated with being trapped in bed. Meanwhile, we're gearing up for a dozen big projects at the new house, tentatively named "The Peacock Library" after the ceramic peacock totem in the entryway, and the thousands of books we'll finally be able to put up.

Over the past few weeks I keep running into other writers who are looking to collaborate or work in a group, so I'm going to take a shot at starting a writer's group. I think a weekly deadline is very helpful in keeping one writing, and getting insight from outside one's own head is especially valuable.

Lots of stuff going on. I feel positive about it all, basically.