December 30th, 2013

monkey pirate

2013 resolution wrap-up

My New Year's Resolutions for 2013 were to not complain about anything all year, and never pronounce the word "quinoa" in the conventional way. The second resolution I kept, much to the dismay of some punctilious people.
The first, however, was rather difficult. I found at first that I would catch myself, mid-gripe and stop. But unlike past rather broad resolutions, this one proved too hard to keep.
It did lead directly or indirectly to some productive changes. I separated myself from some groups or acquaintanceships that I realized were nothing but fodder for bitching. I also tightened up my participation in Facebook groups or "friendships" (a misleading label if ever there was one!) that were also a greater source of irritation than anything else. The upshot of that, after a few months, was much less *cause* for complaint, even if I failed to completely refrain from doing so. On the whole, at the end of the year, I would say that any complaints I make are much more likely to be actual concerns, rather than simple irritations. And are therefore more likely to lead to some improvement, rather than just venting.
In that sense then, it was a successful experiment, and though I didn't keep the letter of the rule, I did abide by its spirit. Mostly. Except when I'm really tired.