August 27th, 2012

monkey pirate

Things I at which I am not skilled.

Golf. I discovered this at a friend's bachelor party. Don't get me wrong - a day on the links with friends, wearing a kilt and whacking the life out of a tiny white ball is a fun day. I even managed not to burn too terribly! We played a whole 18 hole game, and I succeeded in my goal of coming in under double-par. But only just barely.

The night before our fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign at the "Chick-on-chick-fil-a" dinner was a modest success. We certainly countered the contributions of obnoxious conservative friends who posted their joy at giving money to chick-fil-a. And if I'm bad at golf, it turns out I'm fairly good at frying chicken.

I am bad at house-hunting, and bad at waiting patiently to save Beowulf from the shelter and take him to his future home. I'm bad at sleeping an entire night, because I mostly just don't do that anymore, about which I'm mightily tired. Both literally and figuratively.

monkey pirate

Oh and..

We put a bid on another house.
Positive features: Nice big, private yard. Secret staircase. Lovely tudor-style interior (once you get rid of the shag carpet and popcorn cieling)
Negative features: No shade trees. Short sale, so it will take forever.
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