August 20th, 2012

monkey pirate

Please help save Beowulf

I am extremely reluctant to ask my friends to donate their hard-earned money, but my heart is breaking, and I need your help. We had a serious incident with Beowulf (AKA Beaa) which involved a bite report, and mandatory quarantine at an ani
mal shelter for 10 days. After that 10 days, he will be put down unless we can find him a home with a licensed rescue group.

He's a great dog. He is handsome, and loving, and affectionate with his family. But a characteristic of his breed is aggression with people outside his family. He's a rescue twice over - first from an old lady who couldn't handle him, and then that rescuer left him alone in the backyard for months due to turmoil in the family. When we got him, he just hadn't been trained to trust his human friends to resolve problems for him - he perceives threats where there are none, and acts impulsively.

But to us - he is a darling. He is a huge cuddle-monkey, who will walk his head under your hand until you start scratching, and then put a heavy paw on your thigh if you stop before he's had enough. He'll jump up on the couch with us (which we allow) and lay his head on my leg while we watch TV. He and our dog Blink get along like best buddies. What I'm saying is - he's a GREAT dog, and he deserves a much better fate than ten days in isolation and a lonely death.

We found a rescue organization that specializes in Akitas, and they'll place him with a trainer who will rehabilitate him, train him to be safe and secure - and then find him a forever home. Who knows, maybe even back with us, if it's possible. The bad news is, it will cost $1200.00, which is way more than we can afford. But we'll sell some stuff, make some cuts, use some savings, and match any contribution you make, up to $600.00. Can you please help us save a wonderful dog's life? I love him, and knowing that he's alone at the shelter is just tearing me up - please, please help me find him a safe harbor and second chance. Please contribute if you can, or share with people who you think might find it in their hearts to contribute, even a dollar or two helps!

Edit to add: Happily within three short hours, we had what we needed to cover half of Beowulf's rescue. Anything extra we're going to split between the rescue group, and the West L.A. Animal Shelter. My deepest thanks to all the people who helped!

Here is Beowulf:

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