July 23rd, 2012

monkey pirate

Ghost, to me!

Friday evening, pyr8queen returned with our new rescue. He's a dead ringer for a certain white direwolf we all know and love. We're calling him Beowulf, though his official name is Beaa. Friday night was a hard night for him - he was clearly nervous and not sure what was going on. It was actually good that he was with Blink, who he already knew from the past. But as soon as he came in the door, he started trying to pee on things. When we hollered "NO!" to get him to stop, he cringed and shyed away, strengthening my suspicion that he hasn't been treated well.

He's clearly part husky or malamute, because his fur is that two-layer super thick fur that arctic dogs get. One layer of velvet-like fur close to the body, and a big fluffy white layer. The end result? He's really hot in the summer, and when we washed him, he just never dried off. He was very bad on the leash, pulling and fighting all the way. We did our best to feed him, speak reassuringly to him, help him feel at home, but he spent the night whining and crying and agitating to be let out. It was a hard, slightly heart-breaking night.

But what a difference a weekend makes. pyr8queen took him to get professionally groomed, and those caked-in gnarls of mud and knotted hair were all gone, shaved down to his velvety fur. He was spotlessly clean and obviously more comfortable in the heat. He had time to bond with Blink and the two of them settled into an easy friendship - actually even more apparently comfortable than Blink and Mab ever managed. They play and wrestle, but also just lay down and chill out together. We took him with us to a tabletop with geekstress and faekeeper and he completely ignored their mischievous cats and hung out very peacefully.

Sunday evening he climbed up on the couch with us to watch TV, and slept peacefully through the night. He's still not great on the leash, but he's calming down a lot, and I think with some care, attention and training we'll undo all the damage from his months of neglect. He's crazy strong, too - and I think he'll be a great companion for Blink, since they seem to get along so well.

I hope his improvement continues to be as quick as it was this weekend.
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