April 10th, 2012

monkey pirate


Caps on purpose.

So I'm part of this writer's group, and it's really excellent. I've been working on a fun project I like a lot, and have gotten excellent feedback - some very useful and some encouraging. That's what makes a good group, when you get some notions on what doesn't work very well, but also sincere feedback on what DOES work.

So I've been super busy writing for DK, and had only a few minutes to bang out a few high-concept lines, one of whch I turned into a synopsis. So I shared the synopsis, along with the two actors who I was imagining as my characters. And it turns out one of the guys in the writer's group has a long working relationship with that particular actor - and he said he thought it was a great idea and when I finish writing it, he'll have it in that particular actor's hands, guaranteed.

This is, potentially, a very big break indeed.
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