January 30th, 2012

monkey pirate

Long Beach Marina

Long Beach Marina by aghrivaine
Long Beach Marina, a photo by aghrivaine on Flickr.

Yesterday we went down to Pilot, the family's schooner in Long Beach Marina. We inflated the kayak and paddled around the marina. Blink lost his mind when we left the dock, and insisted on hopping on when we pulled up to calm him down. He was very awkward, and refused to sit down, so we had to drop him off at the dock again.

Kayaking is pretty hard for me - the seat is very low on my back and provides no support at all. So that means that all the motive power of the kayak is pushing against my abs. And if my arms are the "gun show" then my abs are "the pudding show" to be sure. As a result, this is a pretty un-fun activity for me. It's great for a few minutes, but then my abs are smoked, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, that at least worked up a pretty good appetite for my sister-in-law's birthday barbecue at the yacht club, where I took this panoramic picture. Yep, we're yacht club people now.