April 18th, 2011

monkey pirate

Game of Thrones

You could say I was a little excited about Game of Thrones. I've gotten ...I don't know, dozens and dozens of people to read the series over the years. I've been a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners since its first meeting, and in fact the thing they're maybe most famous for (the knighting ceremonies) I invented.

What's more, the very day grrm signed his deal with HBO, I had a script in hand to give to him for consideration as a writer. (Never got anywhere though, don't think anyone ever even read it. But I'm not bitter!) grrm is so dedicated to his fans, and to fendom in general, that over the years he's become a friend. In fact, I invited he and parrismcb to the wedding. So to see books I love, written by a friend who spawned a big group of like-minded people who have become a social group - turned into a really well-made TV series was ...seriously exciting.

To top it off, HBO really pulled out the stops on promoting the show - chef Tom Collicchio designed a Westeros based menu for food trucks that toured L.A. (And NYC) and there were "Iron Thrones" in many cities.

So, on premiere day, we went down to Hollywood and Highland, and seized the Iron Throne! I promise to rule with swift justice, swifter vengeance, generosity to my allies and tireless aggression to my enemies.

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