December 5th, 2010

monkey pirate

Armor is heavy

I realize I missed an entry yesterday, so there goes my "entry every day for a week" goal. I suppose then it resets today. But this week should be easier than last.

Tonight I'm held captive by the Southern California Cult of Santa Claus - who hold an "Advent Party" every Sunday in December, and then another on "12th Night" and then another on Boxing Day. There's a whole lot of Christmas going on around here. Today we're making Christmas Tree ornaments out of leather - and anything else people feel like doing.

Yesterday was a Dying Kingdoms game. It was the first time I was playing my new character, and the first time wearing the full suit of plate-and-scale armor I made and cobbled together. It was heavy. At first this wasn't a problem but after five hours or so, it got especially burdensome. Some things I can fix, some things I can eliminate and others will simply have to get better on their own, or I'll have to learn to bear it.

And now I must finish the Pork Rilettes (which is basically pig jam. Mmmm, pig jam...) and continue being a giant jerk who thinks he knows better than everyone.
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