November 29th, 2010

monkey pirate

Feast After Feast

Viking brunch
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I've had a lot of weird Thanksgivings in my life -from the Feast of the Misfit Toys back in Philly (where I got brutally pie-blocked) to the Turkey Day MST3K marathons back in the day, to a giant dinner featuring me at the head of a table of beautiful gay models and actors here in L.A. And yet, the weirdest of them all is probably the big family feast. Weird, because there was no pumpkin pie. I think most of my friends know how I feel about pie and Thanksgiving - everything else is basically an excuse to get to the pie. And this year, there was none. So, in short, there was no Thanksgiving for me this year. Just a big dinner with a lot of people overeating.

However, the Viking Brunch was good times. Technically the Nybys call it "The Scandinavian Brunch" but I think, since it takes place at a dock and involves the consumption of a lot of beer and aquavit, it has more of a Viking feel to me. Nothing says "feast" quite like ice cold shots of aquavit, chased down with incredible home brewed beer and ebelskivvers.

For some reason, though they've been invited year after year, our friends don't come to the Viking Brunch. I hope next year they'll reconsider, as it really is a lot of fun and excellent Viking-related foods, like gravlax, strange-but-awesome peppery-sweet bacon, meatballs, and the like. I've brought gravlax the last couple of years, but a lot of other people do, too - so I need something else Vikingy for next year.

Soon The Hobbit will arrive on these shores, and even more feasts will be had. I think I need to fast for a few days or something, just to wash out all the cream, butter, fat and alcohol.