June 7th, 2010

monkey pirate

Music Monday: Your Choice Edition

A few days ago I was sitting down to write and feeling a little unmotivated. To myself I thought, "I will cue up some inspirational music to get the electric fluid flowing!" And then on youtube many of my old standbys didn't do the trick.

So I turn to you, friends. Recommend me a bit of inspirational music? Any genre, just whatever it is that turns your crank and lifts your spirits?

Thank you.
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Next Batman Movie

Much speculation is rife on the internet (I know! Shocking, right?) about who the villain of the next Batman movie will be. Christopher Nolan confirms that it will not be The Joker.

Here is my crazy idea. The villain of the next Batman movie is Superman.

Make it about a moral dilemma that the two of them take different sides on, with both heroes thinking theirs is the only correct solution.

Now THAT would be a badass movie.
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