June 4th, 2010

monkey pirate

Five ravens

Five ravens
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Sitting right outside our breakroom at work - five enormous ravens. Their sheer size isn't really clear in this photo, but as a scale, those stanchions are about four feet tall...making those ravens at least a foot tall, standing. Their wingspan must be over two feet.

The June Gloom is in full effect here in Los Angeles, and I suppose that means that these dark fellows don't feel like flying or something. So there they all were, perched in a row. A little after this photo was taken, the one on the ground jumped up and started sparring with the one in the mid-ground. Mid-ground raven then proceeded to demonstrate raven-judo by grabbing the very tip of the wing of the other raven with his beak - and then twisted his beak and did a perfect hip-throw.

Yeah. Ravens know judo. This is happening.

I for one welcome our new martial-arts-master raven-overlords.