October 15th, 2009

monkey pirate


Work has been a buster lately. Not just work really - everything. Lots of big, big projects that involves tons of smaller steps, and my head is spinning keeping track of it all. It's been a grind I'm feeling cranky.

But then I read about how 19th Century morticians had to be sure their clients were really dead. Apparently it wasn't too uncommon that they weren't quite entirely dead. So there was a method that became the accepted standard to be sure was rather ...

So anyway they paid someone to administer tobacco smoke to the rectums of corpses. This, you see, would revive anyone who wasn't actually dead. So someone's full time job was to spend their day wandering around a mortuary blowing smoke up the butts of dead people. And from time to time, lips firmly planted on posterior, one of them would actually wake up.

That guy? He's got a tough job.
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