October 6th, 2009

monkey pirate

Farewell to the ocean

So the good news is, we found a pretty amazing house in Venice - not too far from Tortuga-on-Venice, but with a lot more space, very quirky accommodations, a garden, a yard, lots of amenities - and best of all for Venice - parking!

But it's not without regret I leave my little nest. I've been there for more than three years, which is the longest I've lived anywhere at all since I was a kid. It's been home, it's been an adventure, a community of very cool neighbors - and best of all I walk out every morning and there's the mighty Pacific, in all her beauty.

I won't miss how small it is, or how hard to park it is - but I will miss the ocean, to be sure.

And speaking of which - our loft bed is now for sale. No need for it at the new place!
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