July 10th, 2009

monkey pirate

I dream of Sarah Palin

Not like that, perv.
I dreamt i was a young Congressman on a camping trip. There, I ran into Sarah Palin who was with a bunch of other people all supporting 2nd Amendment gun owner's rights. I told them I was a veteran and was basically pro-gun. (True in the dream, untrue in real life, where I am a veteran but am not pro-gun, particularly.)

Then, we were attacked by terrorists, who were domestic right-wing extremists. They wanted to torture us after capturing us, saving the "best" - Mrs. Palin, for last. I tried like, a half-dozen times, to grab a gun and blast my way to freedom, but it kept not working. I remember once I managed to snatch the gun and holster off the belt of one of the terrorists, but I fumbled trying to get the button-down snap undone so I could pull the gun out!

I don't remember the rest. In my dream, Sarah Palin was nice.
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