July 3rd, 2009

monkey pirate

Epic Possum Battle

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"There's a RAT in our house!"
"Actually, it's an opossum."
Scathing look of death.
"Ok. There's an opossum in our house!"

What follows was pretty much hilarious. My cat is useless at this sort of thing, back in Manayunk possums wandering in wasn't entirely uncommon. She would sit and watch it eat out of her bowl, and occasionally look at me as if to say, "So. Are you going to do something about this?" So pyr8queen decided, much as in the Mothra attack, this was a fine opportunity to put her cat, Dummy to use. And, much as in Dummy vs. Mothra, Dummy was utterly uninterested. Dummy refused to even LOOK at the possum, instead preferring to play with a catnip-laced toy a few inches from the possum's tail.

So then we decided we need a "long pokey stick" to dislodge the possum from where it was hiding behind the Cabinet of Curiosities. My part of the job would be to take a picture. The "long pokey stick" was, as it turns out, a boffer halberd from the LARP we play in. This, I am told, made the whole incident "epic".

At any rate, the cats were unruffled, the possum left, the pokey stick worked, and I got this picture.

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monkey pirate

My New Project

I need to get in shape. I like to write. I like play video games. So, I'm combining these things into www.wiifatso.com, a blog wherein I play fitness-related video games on the Nintendo Wii, and track its effectiveness, fun, and other stuff.

This is my new project, and I'm pretty excited about it. I've just posted a review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, and would love it if you folks would stop by and check it out.

By the way, this is somewhat inspired by daogre's blog, www.ikillit.com, wherein he won't eat any kind of animal unless he personally kills and cooks it. It's funny, cool, and you should check it out, too!
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