November 7th, 2008


Roger Ebert, god rot your eyes

Dear Mr. Ebert;
In your review of "Role Models" you referred to live-action roleplaying as a "combination of Dungeons and Dragons and pederasty". Perhaps you are unaware, but there are tens of thousands of LARPers in America of all ages and ethnicities, both male and female. Nothing could be a more highly charged insult than to accuse those tens of thousands of enthusiastic hobbyists of pederasty. It's extremely objectionable, and indeed, plays precisely into the stereotype of boorish mundanity that make Augie so miserable in the movie.

I sincerely hope that you'll print a retraction - if your comment was an attempt at humor it fell utterly flat, and was extraordinarily insulting and potentially damaging. If it was an earnest accusation that LARPers are pederasts, then you are gravely mistaken, and have done a great disservice to thousands of innocent, friendly, enthuiastic, and yes, nerdy - participants in the live action roleplaying hobby. It's comments like yours that marginalize what is an entirely harmless and creative hobby.

I wish you had thought your comment through more thoroughly.

David Krieger
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