October 31st, 2008

monkey pirate

Yes, that would be Halloween.

I had to work till about 1AM last night. That's the thing about being a unix geek, and in particular the only Sun/Solaris expert here - you have to work when the machines aren't in use. So I slept in this morning, making up for a late night.

..and was woken by my across-the-alley neighbor playing a sound bite of a man's voice, over and over again. And it kept saying, "I am a good friend. I have removed all the parts of the corpse, except for the fingers. Your sister is not a liar."

I really have no idea what that was all about. Driving to work I realized one of the fundamental problems with living in Venice on Halloween - I can't tell, for the life of me, who's in a costume and who's just walkin' around.
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