June 4th, 2008

monkey pirate

Epic Fail

Audition - FAIL! (Edit to add: there is a second call-back, but I am not being considered for the Lion.)
Voice final - FAIL!
Dating - FAIL!
Work promotion - FAIL!
Vespa repair - FAIL!

It's been a splendid week. (He said through gritted teeth, forced smile plastered on his face in a fine example of the mortician's art...)

I suppose it's times like this that real character shows through. I could wallow in self-pity and accept this streak as the inevitable arc of my life - or better, I could get up off my ass, and do something amazing. Preferably for someone else's benefit, since that's so often the most rewarding of amazing acts. On the other hand, if I try and do something lovely for someone else, and then FAIL! someone other than me is paying the price. At the very least, I want to accomplish something which ought to be celebrated with cake. Because really, aren't life's nicest moments generally punctuated with cake?

Anyway. Bowed but not beaten, it's just been a rotten week.

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