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May 30th, 2008

Germany Photo published

I took a ton of pictures in Dusseldorf, and one of them was used in a published guide to Germany, including this interactive map. My picture was of the City Gate in Dusseldorf, which should be the highlighted photo when you go to the map.

I'm no kylecassidy but hey, I got a picture published!

The applet code is kind of flakey, so if it doesn't work you can go directly there thusly:

The problem with cowardly...

The turn out for the audition yesterday was amazing. There must have been sixty people there, or so - and many of them were guys, all of whom were claiming to want to be the Cowardly Lion. Oops. It's a fact of life that shows get cast on who the director likes as much as by talent, so that's both a good and a bad thing, I guess.

Anyway, a bunch of old friends were there, which is good. I sang ...meh. A little off-key at some parts, but I got it together for the big finish. The director was cutting people off very quickly, so I gave the accompanist (the incomparable Gary Gray, a friend and also the musical director) my music and told him to just skip to the end. I wish I had been more warmed up, more on key, blah blah blah. But it wasn't terrible, world's better than my audition for Aida, anyway. The problem with being nervous is your technique just goes right out the window, and you forget all the stuff you've been practicing. Grr.

Call backs are next Tuesday. I'll find out more then.


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