April 24th, 2008

monkey pirate

Epic is the New Awesome

In conversation last night with BiggerKrissy (who is not very big at all) she stumbled upon the new awesome.

She told me of her "epic sinus problems". And that was it - EPIC. I mean, it brings to mind fur-clad warriors in frozen wastelands brandishing aloft mighty blades of wicked steel - it brings to mind huntsmen sounding brazen horns in pursuit of a rapacious dragon - every Chuck Heston movie ever made - casts of thousands - wrestling with angels and demons - it is vast, it is mighty - and its good!

Epic is the new awesome. Get out there and use it!
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The Game is for the Players

My days as LA's HST are numbered. I intend to leave behind some of my hard-won lessons. Most of my lessons come from having made mistakes and correcting them either well or poorly. So I'm not trying to say that I am all-knowing (indeed, one of my points is that any player knows just as much as is just as important as the storytellers) or free from defect. I have, and continue to - failed to employ all of these tips at one point or another. But I can at least say, with the benefit of experience that I've accumulated a bit of knowledge on what works and what doesn't, even if I haven't always put that knowledge to use.

This is my first draft, and I'm really interested in hearing feed-back from you folks - particularly you gamer folks. Whether it's a specific critique or general obersvation, please don't hesitate to sound-off and help me hammer this into something worth sharing. Without furhter ado

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