March 8th, 2008

monkey pirate

Bush Vetoes Law Against Torture

This is simply an outrage, an affront on decency and American honor.

I've been scandalized by this government so often it's become wearying. But to call a torture technique that is explicity illegal, for which American servicemen have been tried and convicted, for which foreign soldiers have been convicted of war crimes when it is used on Americans, "one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror," is absurd. It's shocking. It's beyond bearing, beyond conscience or credibility.

I am deeply, deeply ashamed of the government my countrymen elected - deeply ashamed of the passivity in the face of outright, clear and untrammeled evil that the Democrats have shown. This is a new low in American politics. I hope every one of the Bush administration is tried for war crimes when they are finally removed from office.

Maybe the worst part is that it's entirely unnecessary; the "interrogation techniques" which are permissable are more than adequate to produce results, and indeed - more reliable. I can't believe, I just can't believe that it's come to pass that our government is defending the practice of torture. And all for a war on an emotional state - and unwinnable war with no limit or particular enemy. If this isn't chilling to any American of good conscience, the world is far more barbaric than I'd let myself believe.

Shame on us - every one of us; for allowing it, defending it, or simply doing nothing to stop evil.
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