February 25th, 2008

monkey pirate

Music Monday - Peter Murphy, as good as ever.

I was a big Peter Murphy fan, since the 80's, since Bauhaus. Yeah, I was one of those kids. Anyway, the other day my sister reminded me of "Love Hysteria" and I looked it up and downloaded it from Amazon's music service, which is way superior to iTunes, by the way; same price and convenience, no DRM. I've been listening to Peter again and again ever since. This was one of my very favorite songs from any of his albums; and even today it brings back memories of sitting on a reciling chair with one of my first girlfriends slithered in on top of me in the dark; a fire lit against the Pennsylvania winter, and her father's country cabin empty and dark up to the rafters. If I think hard enough, I can even taste the mix of mouthwash and cigarettes from her kiss.

Anyway, here's Peter, and although he's not cadaverously thin anymore; like a lot of aging goth stars his years of poor nutrition and lack of exercise have caught up with him, and he's sort of pudgy and unremarkable. But his voice is, if anything, better than ever. Oh, you can still hear every carton of cigarettes he's ever smoked, but with his single-malt voice, it works just fine. From the camera angle in this video you can see him working his throat to hit those stygian lows, and it's pretty remarkable. Even so, I'd walk right past him on the street and never recognize him. Anyway, here's one of my personal all-time favorite tunes, "A Strange Kind of Love".

I saw him live when he released "Cascade" - and here's a performance from back then; I've had this song "Scarlet Thing In You" stuck in my head for almost two weeks. why? I don't know, it's just how these things work, I suppose.
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