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January 6th, 2008

Gamepod for a rainy day

Originally uploaded by aghrivaine
There's heavy rain today, which is pretty rare for LA - this only happens once or twice a year, so it's worth savoring. The drum circle is still at it though - I can hear them through the open window. Some spirits are irrepressible.

I've been stuck at home because Filthy Charles is moving out of the building, and I loaned him my car for moving. Originally it was going to be just one trip yesterday morning, but that turned in to many trips, and finally some stuff today. I was in no big rush - the chance to clean, do laundry, and stay off my bum foot is not a bad thing at all. He donated to me this chair - the GamePod that you see to your right. At first I thought it was just a video rocker type thing, it has inputs for stereo sound and speakers in the head rests (that's what the black patches are.) But oh, that's not all!

At first I was sort of underwhelmed, and figured some gamer I know would be interested. But then I started fiddling with the knobs that are along the side. And I discovered....the rumble! The whole thing is packed with little rumbly devices - so when you have it turned up, everything bass rumbles beneath you, and every bullet shot or explosion or whatever you can feel in your body. It's really amazing - and the impacts are in distinct locations, too. I was playing a Rainbow Six shooter on the 360, and every shot I could feel in my midsection, whereas grenade blasts went off under my ass. Remarkable!

So, if anyone needs a regular arm-chair type chair, one of those Ikea specials, with an ottoman and everything - say the word, I've got a spare now. The GamePod is here to stay!

I totally hate spending cool, rainy days inside playing video games, you know?


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