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December 31st, 2007

2007, 2008, infinity, and beyond!

For 2007, I resolved that I wouldn't argue with anyone about anything. By the strictest standards of that resolution, I didn't make it - I certainly did argue with someone about something; though it was a surprisingly long time from the first of the year! However, throughout the year I engaged in far less arguments than I ever have previously, which I can say was only to my benefit. There was no point during the year when I thought to myself, "Wow, I wish I had argued with that person!" and several times when I had, but wished I hadn't. On many occasions, I caught myself starting to argue, and then backed off - so that's a good outcome to a difficult resolution, I think. On the few occasions when I did get stuck in an argument full-throttle, I regretted it afterwards.

In all 2007 was a better year than 2006 - no major tragedies in terms of the deaths of friends or families; no financial losses, and I got back on stage and did two musicals, which I haven't done since high school. I made some new friends, too - really good friends that I imagine I will be long-term close with. I did get plantar fasciitis, and then a ruptured fasciia ligament - a condition which will get better, but never actually go away. That's a bummer! I did some great travelling, saw a slew of great concerts (Flogging Molly, GWAR, The Decemberists with the LA Symphony Orchestra, Manic Automatic, various others...) and some great plays and shows (Wicked, Avenue Q, Full Monty, and a bunch of shows at SMC.) It was an exciting, pleasant, and not very trying year - and all in Venice, a place I love. If 2006 was the year when I got by with a little help from my friends, 2007 was a year when I was able to be helpful to be friends.

So for 2008, some more aggressive resolutions:

  • I will be less deciduous.

  • I will stop my war of vendetta with the platypi.

  • I will break my addiction to Marmite.

  • I will seduce fewer supermodels.

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Happy new year! that, by the way, is the best sparkling wine i've ever had. toso from argentina.


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