November 21st, 2007

monkey pirate

Rock Band

I like music games like Guitar Hero (I have II and III - and tomorrow I can download the theme for Halo III for free!) I always use the band name "100 Hobo Army" in Guitar Hero. Now Rock Band is out. It's expensive, but it comes with a guitar, drum kit, drum sticks and stand, and a microphone.

I would like to get this game. But there's no much point playing it by one's self, is there? it's the very definition of a party game. But visits at Tortuga-on-Venice are infrequent at best. So I probably won't get Rock Band. Except that maybe if I do, I'll just corral a couple of the hobos on the boardwalk into playing drums and bass. Then I will truly have a 100 hobo army. Or at least, 2 Hobo Army.
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