November 6th, 2007


A Cavalryman's Inherent Right to bitch. So I will now bitch. It's a lifelong right. So there.

Sometime last week I started to get sick, which cheifly manifested as a brutal headache. It waxed and waned over the weekend, but the headache never went away, except when medicated like a baboon on the savannah.

Yesterday I had to schlep all over the city at the crack of dawn to do work on a server that didn't work. The maintenance that is, not the server. Knowing I had to get up early I went to bed early - but I was bedevilled by my usual burst of alertness at 10pm. But hey, one night on short sleep, no big deal. But it didn't work so I had to do it again this morning, and was again cursed with that fiendish energy at night. Today, I am so tired I can't even tell if I'm still sick or not. And the headache hasn't gone away. So basically I'm exhausted and have had a steady headache for five days.

Ok, I'm done bitching. It's not a big deal, I'm not going to die and it's not a tumor - I'm just tired of feeling like a balloon is being inflated inside my cranium.
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