August 16th, 2007

monkey pirate

Paying It Back

A while ago I got a bonus to stick it out at my job; things were looking tenuous and they didn't want people to all bail. The company's fortunes were supposed to have been sorted out by the time we got paid the bonus; but that didn't come to pass. So, with the prospect of potentially being laid off in the future, I sat on the bonus, other than a few things necessary and/or fun. But yesterday all that came to pass was done, and when the dust settled I still have a job. It's a little weird and chaotic, but it's a big, stable company and they assure us we're okay for the long haul.

So I finally did what I'd been saving that bonus for - paid back every little bit of debt that I had. I called up American Education Services and asked them what the payoff amount for my student loans were. I got the pittance I owed on credit cards taken care of, sent a check off for something else that had been lingering. I had one credit card that had such usurious rates that despite sending them a lot of money every month, the principle was barely ever touched. So I called the company to get the final amount and send it off - done. account had been sold off to some other company, apparently. Mind you, I hadn't heard about this, and I'd been sending money to the bank for a long time. So I called the number they referred me to.... and got a phone sex line! Well, actually it was a shill for a phone sex line; "Call hot singles at 1-800-blah right now!" and then it hung up.

Now that's just weird. So now I'm wondering if maybe that debt hadn't been settled a while ago, and I've been sending the money for nothing! It would be mighty nice to get some money back, that's for sure. As soon as all the payments post, I'll call the bank back and cancel the card - I only had two, and the one has such rotten customer service and predatory policies that I don't want to do business for a single day longer than necessary. Unfortunately, one of their predatory policies is that they charge you a $30 a month "processing fee" if you still owe on a balance and cancel the account. Whatever, just details.

So, I left two month's rent in the bank, and paid back just about everything. Other than rent and a car payment, I'm now and free and clear. What's this weird feeling I'm having?
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