August 14th, 2007

monkey pirate

I dream I go to Heaven

I dreamt last night after a long and healthy life, I died. I woke up from dying in an old man's body, but a friend of mine was there to explain that I could really choose any age I wanted to be. I picked something youthful but mature. I wasn't really sure I was in heaven, because no one actually came out and said so. They just asked me my family name, and told me to follow them. We walked down a long hallway that was like the corridor at a hotel convention center, or the causeway at an airport. There were double-doors that led off to the sides that were labelled, and I was escorted to one that said, "Nosferatu" I didn't like the sound of that, and asked if, once through, I could leave. The friend (who I think was Lauren, from Delaware) explained that yes, I could go visit other places but should really acclimate myself, first. I pressed the point - if I wanted to, could I go to another area? Right now? i was told no, I really did have to go check in with my family, but once that was done I was free to do whatever I wanted. However, most people took it in small bites, and it was really for their own good.

Through the double-doors and it looked something like a cross between an amusement park and a college campus - serious looking buildings with granite facades, but winding paths dotted with trees, flowerbeds, and a blue-blue sky. People were wandering around like it was a park on a lazy Sunday afternoon, chatting, playing ball, barbecuing. I was taken to an administration building, but no sooner did I present myself than a lady behind a counter just ticked something off on a clipboard and said, "Got it! Right on time!" I was still nervous. Was this heaven, or purgatory? It wasn't really Hell, no way. I was taken to a sort of dorm room, but it was exceedingly nice, with dark wood furniture, plush leather seats, bookcases and green-shaded desk-lamps. If Victorian gentleman's clubs had dorm rooms, this would have been it. There I ran into Renee, one of the actors from Scarlet Pimpernel and Thumbelina. He had only recently arrived - we were both wearing waistcoats, neck-cloths and frock coats, so we compared notes - both, apparently, somehow mysteriously captains of frigates in the 19th Century. I introduced myself as "David Wood" (which was my grandmother's middle name, and a family name) captain of Thunderer, 46. Renee's frigate was smaller, so I figured I was off to a good start.

I then decided to wander around. Everywhere I went I saw old friends - an incongruous mix of people from my youth and onwards. i saw Stephen playing volleyball, bumped into Jeff and Stuart from Upper Merion, and a whole bunch others. I was trying to figure out how things worked, when I realized that if I jumped and concentrated just right, I would stay up in the air. Fierce concentration would cause me to move in any axis, but it was slow and ponderous. I landed and found someone to tell about this new discovery. They were amazed, and jumped right up and started flying themselves - much faster than I was capable of. Others caught on, and soon lots of people were zooming all over the place. I found another friend to talk about this exciting discovery - who told me that it was really fun, but as it was you could teleport from one "island" to another by going to the center. People were sort of sectioned off into smaller groups, but visiting other islands was very common. Still, we thought maybe we'd discover some new terrain that had previously been missed, now that we could see it from the air.

I also bumped into Shaina, which made me very happy indeed, but when I ran up to say hello, she didn't recognize me. She'd gone on to be a famous and successful actress, and so people pestering her was pretty common. She did her "English Lady" character and told me to be on my way,she really gets this all the time. I was trying to explain, but I woke up, looked at the clock and realized it wasn't time to get up yet. (I do this several times a night, and am always up before the alarm clock goes off). I thought that of all the dreams to have, dreaming of going to Heaven was pretty good. When I went back to sleep, there I was right back where I'd left off. It was definitely heaven, not purgatory - a group of people of all different sorts, most of them friendly and a few fractious, just to keep things interesting. Lots to do, no particular schedule, and centers of learning all over the place. I could fly, and I could visit people outside my little tribe whenever I wanted. In my dream, I'd died in my 80's - which even then I thought was too young, but couldn't complain much because I'd had a pretty rich life and gotten to do all sorts of things. One thing I didn't have was a family of any sort, however - and even my blood relatives never made an appearance.

I woke up this morning basically cheerful and feeling particularly well-rested. For therapeutic purposes, I recommend highly the experience of dreaming one's self in paradise.
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