August 7th, 2007

monkey pirate

Birthday Drunken Spelling Bee

Dear Friends;

I have a lot of favorite things, and drinking and spelling are two of them, especially taken together. What better way to celebrate my birthday than with a Drunken Spelling Bee, I ask you?

So, this Friday night in Holywood, the festivities commence! Drop me a line if you can go, and spread the word!

The Los Angeles Beer Chug Championships and Drunken Spelling Bee feat. Neil Hamburger
Fri 8.10 (9pm) The Met Theatre (1089 N Oxford Ave, Hollywood, 323.957.1152) map $12 to participate / $7 to watch

Event Info
Anyone who thinks chugging beer like a fraternity pledge and nailing linguistic curveballs are mutually exclusive endeavors is in for a surprise (and possibly a rough morning), as sweaty nerd-assassin Neil Hamburger hosts a combined Drunken Spelling Bee and Beer Chug Challenge. (SND)

Note: If you RSVP in advance, admission price is $10 to participate and $5 to watc
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