August 6th, 2007

monkey pirate


When Pimpernel was over, i was happy to get some space from the people I'd spent so much time with - but also sad to see it end. I definitely bonded with some of the folks in that cast, and missed them almost as soon as they were gone. I haven't had anything like a similar experience with Thumbelina - there were a couple of such distinctly unpleasant personalities involved that it turned every gathering into an ordeal. I'm happy it's over. I did enjoy the actual performances though - moreso with each repitition, as it got smoother and better. I feel like a tightening of the script and a bit more rehearsal could have made that a really excellent show.

I did, however, get savaged by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival judges at their feedback session. Nearly all the negative criticism about the performances were aimed at me, which was highly discouraging. I had been saying I wanted constructive criticism, that friends always say, "Oh you were great!" no matter I wanted someone to give me a review that included what needed improving, as well as what was worth sustaining. Well, I sure got it. And then some, and more than I needed or wanted. Next I will tell people that I need some real, honest, vigorous lovin'. Maybe I'll end up with too much of that, too.

And now, after getting rested, finally - I'll get back to the gym and get serious about whipping myself back into shape. I think my next big goal will be another triathlon - that served admirably for motivation in the past.
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