July 21st, 2007

monkey pirate


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By the time I got near the head of the line last night, I was fairly floating with anticipation. Which you can plainly see here.

Still, they moved people along at an orderly clip, calling them to the cash-wrap in bunches by alphabet (I was M for Malfoy). nephandi got his book earlier than me, but we were both out by half past midnight. Afterwards I read while nephandi fiddled with the Nintendo, and we cracked a nice bottle of Voignier.

My plan for this weekend is to stay off my feet (I've perfected the technique - see photo..), and read the book. The agony of de-feet has been extraordinary (sorry friends, I held out from using that pun as long as possible, really I did...) so a beach chair, the beach and the Deathly Hallows sounds about right! As it happens I also had a song sprung on me last night - a nice duet with the Queen. It has an extremely wide range running from bass to tenor - and the only dance breaks in the play. I've got six days to learn and perfect it.

So yeah, guess I'll be singing too...
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