May 15th, 2007

monkey pirate

8 Random Facts

Rules: Post 8 random facts about yourself that most people don't know. Then tag 8 people to do the same.

Since I got tagged twice, I guess I'll go ahead and do this one.

  1. I have a lightning bolt shaped scar on my forehead. I've had it since I was three.

  2. I have a morbid fear of giant squids.

  3. I have studied Ki-no-kawa Aikido off-and-on since 1988.

  4. I have fallen off of a mountain, and was unharmed.

  5. I am a very light sleeper.

  6. I can remember my childhood in great detail, including things that happened at around 2 1/2 years old.

  7. I can make the tendons in my wrist "pop" which makes an alarming sound, and looks really gross.

  8. I can wiggle one ear at a time.

I tag: yagathai joshwasta recoveredweasel cacophunny beautesansbete joemorf nephandi erythromeister (is he still out there?) and elanya
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