April 1st, 2007

monkey pirate

Excellent Night

Another performance - each one getting a little better than the last. Our stars' voices are tired, they've been working so hard. But on the other hand, they're also really committed to the roles now, and reaching for nuances that are new and exciting to witness. It's been a lot of fun, albeit tiring.

Last night another passel of friends turned out - I'm continually amazed and impressed at the support my friends have shown. Must have been about 17 people opening night - including oedi, nephandi, wing_angel scottgardner, daogre and harajuku454. Last night joemorf and his lovely lady, as well as aegon_vermhelo and his lovely wife came out. Dinner afterwards, which was the best part - though I'm feeling a bit ill-used from the margaritas this morning. I hadn't seen any of them in a while, and I'm doubly pleased I got to introduce all to each other, since they're all orbiting the same stars in the LA area, and hopefully will be good contacts.

Coming home last night, I realized for...oh, about the zillionth time how beautiful is the place where I live. I could hear the crash of the surf, and smell the saltwater. The sky was clear and the moon nearly full; chuckling over Venice in bemused complacency. How lucky can one man be?

Quite, it turns out.
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